Georgia Mom, Duct-Taped to Chair, Hops to Get Help During Home Invasion

Taped to a chair and kept in the basement of her home, a Georgia mother, bruised and bleeding, was able to escape and get help for her imprisoned family after a horrifying home invasion.

Two gunmen were waiting in the woman’s garage as she was pulling into her driveway with her two children. Cops said the assailants forced them inside, tied up and handcuffed the woman in the basement and kept the children in an upstairs bedroom, FOX affiliate WAGA reported.

“One of them grabbed a gun and hit her in the face,” neighbor Betty Lou Lark told WAGA. “I believe her nose was broken and she was bruised all over her face.”

The suspects also made the woman call her husband and tricked him into coming home. They then tried to use his computer to obtain banking information so they could steal from the family, Lark told WAGA.

Still tied to the chair, the woman was able to escape and flag down a car. That was when the suspects ran out a back door.

No arrests have been made in the case.

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