Boy, 8, Speaks for First Time Since Suffering Stroke

An 8-year-old boy has spoken for the first time since he had a near-fatal venous stroke in February, BBC News reported Wednesday.

Brandon Yeoman, of Cowdenbeath, Fife, England, also lost his sight and the use of one arm and one leg.

Doctors feared Brandon might never speak again, but the boy has been in speech therapy. He is now able to count from one to 10, and he recently said hello to his mother.

"Everyone in the room just burst out crying - it was a wonderful feeling,” said Brandon’s father, Garry. “We hadn't heard him speak in all that time.”

Brandon was sick for a week before he had the stroke, and when his parents took him to the hospital, doctors first thought he had meningitis.

Venous strokes are rare. They occur when a vein draining blood out of the brain is blocked.

Doctors said they are unsure what caused Brandon’s stroke.

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