Paula Jones Offers Up Her Clinton Tales

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MEGYN KELLY, CO-HOST: Well, as promised, folks, happening right now, Paula Jones herself is here for an exclusive cable interview.

Hi, Paula.

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KELLY: So, we appreciate you being here — there she is. You know, you watch Douglas Kennedy's package there and you had to laugh almost. I mean, it was pretty humorous. Is this an attempt to humor or something else?

JONES: Well, I mean, he stuck it out there for us to look at. So, I might as well talk about it and let people know what he did and everything. So, if that's our way to do it and make it where we can, you know, say it easier that we're going to be humorous about it.

KELLY: But why now? It's been several years your settlement in the lawsuit that you brought against President Clinton. I mean, obviously, Hillary's been in the news, but why now?

JONES: You know, a lot of different people have their own versions of what happened, and Gennifer contacted me a while back, and we were on another show, and she thought maybe that we could get together, and then this venture, and we have. And it's a way to get our stories out there, and tell the truth the way it happened and not what other people have speculated it happened.

KELLY: Well, why is it not sufficient for them to look, for example, at your affidavit in the civil case you brought against Clinton where you spell out in great detail what you allege happened with him as opposed to seeing you talk about it in, you know, in more prurient way?

JONES: Well, everybody is not going to get to look at the affidavit. But you know, a lot of people would love to look at, you know, pull up Web sites and stuff like that and talk about stuff and why not. A lot of people have different Web sites. It's not been disgusting or nasty. I mean, I had to do an affidavit, a sworn affidavit that was public and filed with the court as its (ph) distinguishing characteristics. And what we're doing is just kind of get together and compare our stories and stuff (ph). There's nothing, you know, rude about that.

KELLY: What about - well, how do you respond to those people who look at this and they see, you know, little videos titled "Paula and the President's Private Part" and Gennifer Flowers has the same. And you want to charge people $2 a pop to take a look at those. You know, people would argue that's classless. How would you respond?

JONES: Well, it's not. I mean, they're promoting a big movie called "Sex in the City," and people are all going out and looking at it, and going to the premieres but they can't handle the fact that our sitting president at the time, you know, did stuff like this in the White House and as governor and showed his, you know, private parts to people.

And I don't understand. It's two-faced and two-sided if you ask me.

KELLY: You sound surprised to see that the Clintons rebounded from the scandal involving you and that involving Gennifer Flowers and not to mention Monica Lewinsky, so well, are you?

JONES: I really am, but then again I'm not, because nothing ever affects them. They're always taking the high road, it seems like, and they're the ones that are doing all the evil and all the bad stuff.

And as women who are out trying to do anything — I'm a working mother. I have three children. I'm a real estate agent. I'm not just out trying to profit off of this. I don't sit around every day trying to figure out a way to make money off of this. I don't, but when opportunities come our way, why not? For this thing (ph) starting opportunity, you know, I have.

KELLY: Well, let me ask you about that though because, you know, you received over $850,000 in connection with the settlement with President Clinton in a civil case. You have young children, as you mentioned. How do they feel about this, and, you know, why charge money for something that you alleged was a sexual assault?

JONES: Well, there is a lot of things we talk about. Gennifer - and that was just a small piece of what we do talk about. We talk about things that happen to us after we came out, and how different organizations and how we were ridiculed and different women's groups that wouldn't support us as if we weren't women, and we were the ones that were scorned instead of Bill Clinton, you know, being punished for what he did, we were.

But back to the settlement, I didn't — that was what the settlement was for, but the majority of that, the huge majority of that went to all the attorneys. I got a very small piece of. That — and I had to pay taxes on that money as well.

And you know, I'm a mother, and I work hard every day. This is going to go with me for the rest of my life. This will carry on for the rest of my life and it seems surprising to me that everybody out there says — oh, here she comes again. This goes with me the rest of my life, I have to deal with it on a daily basis of who I am and what occurred.

And when he I meet new people, I have to wonder what they're going to think about me or whatever. Even if they do like me, it's the perception that I kind of gasp (ph) and wonder what are they going say about me or are they going to accept me. And I'm in psychology books in colleges.

KELLY: I understood. Paula, sorry, we're going to have to leave it that because we are running out of time.

JONES: That I'm not supposed to come out and speak about this, and I'm supposed to hide it, but it's part of history and it will always follow me for the rest of my life.

KELLY: Especially now. Paula Jones, we thank you for coming out and telling us your story, and explaining the Web site to us. We appreciate it. I should point out for the record that President Clinton settled that lawsuit that Paula Jones brought after it was thrown out by the trial court but then Paula Jones appealed and then came the settlement. So, we appreciate you being here again.

JONES: OK. Thank you.

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