Member of Clintons for McCain, Cristi Adkins, Speaks

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SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: Hillary Clinton ended her presidential run and endorsed Barack Obama, but not all of her supporters are following suit. Some are crossing party lines and backing Senator McCain.

And these defectors are banding together and calling their movement "Just Say No Deal." Their mission is to block Obama's candidacy.

Joining us now is the spokeswoman for the group. Christi Adkins is with us.

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Christi, welcome aboard. Thanks for being with us.

CHRISTI ADKINS, JUST SAY NO DEAL: Thank you for having us.

HANNITY: Now, you're a registered nurse. You're not a political pundit?

ADKINS: Correct, I'm just an American citizen, just like you. And just allow me to correct you on one point.


ADKINS: And that is Just Say No Deal represents millions of Americans. It's individual — it's individual groups that coalesced over the weekend. And we come together with one united message, one message, one singular united message.

We vary on how we're going to achieve that goal, but our message is simple, and that is, as American citizens, we will now allow Hollywood and the left-wing news nut media to determine our next president. We have a voice.

And there are just millions of Clinton supporters and independent voters out there who need a voice; they need a place to go. Just Say No Deal is that place.

HANNITY: You know, correct me if I'm wrong. I was told that either you or members of your group — and I have not been the biggest Clinton supporter over the years, as you probably know.


ADKINS: Right.

HANNITY: But you — you felt that, in terms of the media — because I think — a friend of mine used a line the other day. And I think it was perfect. He said, you know, Barack Obama with the liberal media has about 10,000, you know, free press secretaries.

And I — I can't believe it took a year for them to find Jeremiah Wright when we interviewed him in March of 2007.

ADKINS: Thank you.

HANNITY: I can't believe no one has asked the William Ayers' questions. I don't want to go down the old road.

ADKINS: That's right.

HANNITY: Or Father Pfleger or even Eric Holder and Jim Johnson, which we're bringing up here. I heard you guys...

ADKINS: Why don't you want to go down that road? Because listen to me right here and right now. You do need to go down that road, and you are the only one that did vet this man, who has become a candidate with no experience, as far as a lot of members in our group are concerned, and it really goes down to judgment and character.

HANNITY: Wait a minute. So in other words, Hillary Clinton supporters are actually thanking Sean Hannity. Now I've got to tell you...

ADKINS: Isn't that ironic? It's a stinky day in politics when Clinton supporters like Sean Hannity.

COLMES: This is pathetic. This is pathetic.

ADKINS: That's a stinky day in politics.

COLMES: You know, it's amazing to me — Christi, welcome to our show.

ADKINS: I thank you.

COLMES: That conservatives, who for years knocked Hillary Clinton and the Clinton — they accused the liberal media of electing Bill Clinton, of loving Hillary Clinton, of supporting Hillary Clinton.

And now it's the liberal media that you're accusing of going against the Clintons and supporting Obama. And it's always the media you seem to be blaming here.

ADKINS: No, I'm not blaming the media. I said Hollywood and the media. So there's actually two parts of that story.

And quite frankly, one of the reasons that I am a Clinton supporter is not because she's a woman.

COLMES: Right.

ADKINS: I'm an independent voter, and she was the best person for the job.

COLMES: Right.

ADKINS: If Hillary Clinton won, and I still believe that she can pull this off.

COLMES: Really?

ADKINS: Call me crazy, yes. And if she wins...


ADKINS: ... that will be victory. But let me tell you, my personal second choice is John McCain.

COLMES: Here's what I want to say to you.

ADKINS: If he wins, it will be a sigh of relief.

COLMES: Let me ask you about that. Because I'm a Hillary Clinton supporter. I supported —- I voted for her in the New York primary.

ADKINS: I know that.

COLMES: I don't understand how you go from Hillary Clinton to John McCain. Does that mean you all of the sudden; you would like to overturn Roe versus Wade? All of a sudden, you don't want equal rights for gays? All of a sudden, you don't want energy independence? All of a sudden, you don't want to end the war in Iraq? He has the diametrically opposed views on those issues to Hillary Clinton. How do you make that leap?

ADKINS: That's not — the bridge to McCain is a lot closer than the radical gap to Senator Obama.

COLMES: That's not true.

ADKINS: And that's not a gap I'm willing to jump.

COLMES: That's not true.

ADKINS: But let me answer your question. And your — the answer is simple. In order to address the issues, you have to first address the character, and it is the character in question of Barack Obama. I do not trust him.

And quite frankly, do not hold Roe versus Wade over our heads, because if the best thing that these boys in Washington can do for us is Roe versus Wade, I think you need to go back to the drawing board.

COLMES: Roe versus Wade is emblematic of the kind of justices McCain would appoint to the Supreme Court, radically different, if you want to use the "R" word for "radical," then the kind of people Hillary Clinton would appoint to the Supreme Court.

And much closer Hillary would be to the kind of people Barack Obama would appoint to the Supreme Court, which would make laws for this country for decades to come. So to make that radical leap — there's that word again — to the right to John McCain, if you were a Clinton supporter, makes no sense.

ADKINS: And keep in mind at my Web site (AUDIO GAP), (ph), I looked at the character of the candidates. And quite frankly, John McCain is a maverick. He's a fighter. He's scrappy. And I like that. I like fighters. Hillary Clinton is a fighter.

John McCain is not so far right. He is not. He is right there in the middle with most of America. And quite frankly, Barack Obama is way far out there.

COLMES: Barack Obama's policy positions are not that different than Hillary Clinton. They both want universal health care. They both want to end the war. On those two issues alone, they would appoint similar kind of justices to the court.

On those three very important issues, they are diametrically opposed to John McCain. How could you support someone on the other side of those issues if you were a Clinton supporter?

ADKINS: Well, let's just talk about Iraq for a second. Shall we? In terms of Iraq, what I hear Hillary Clinton saying is that she will wean the troops out of Iraq.

If you just go and withdraw the troops from Iraq too suddenly, we are abandoning that country, and we are — we've weakened their defenses. And we've abandoned that country.

COLMES: They had similar views on Iraq.

Christi, we've got to — we've got to break it there, but I do thank you very much for coming on.

HANNITY: Christi, by the way, please tell Hillary and everybody that I was glad to do the job for the mainstream media. And not just out there to get...

ADKINS: Somebody had to.

HANNITY: Somebody had to do it. I was glad to get to the truth.

COLMES: You know Sean wants a 3 a.m. call from Hillary Clinton.

Thank you very much, Christi.

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