Good Reviews for Carla Bruni's Upcoming Album

France was offered another teaser Wednesday ahead of the July 21 release of the new album by Carla Bruni, the singer-model whose marriage to Nicolas Sarkozy has made her one of the music industry's hottest properties.

The 14-song album, written mostly by Bruni with help from her friends, has been guarded like a state secret. A first listen was given to a safe audience — le Figaro newspaper, the most Sarkozy-friendly media outlet in France.

Bruno Dicale, their music critic, proclaimed her opus a stunning success. If only the world could appreciate Bruni's new songs on their own merit rather than viewing them as the effort of France's first lady, he said.

In the song “Ma Came,” Bruni sings:

You are my fix,
More deadly than Afghan heroin
More dangerous than Colombian white (cocaine)

Bruni's people say that 95 percent of the mainly autobiographical numbers were written before she met Sarkozy last November.

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