Viral Video Shows Office Worker Freakout

Think your day at the office is going badly? It's probably not as bad as the guy in this viral video making the rounds on the Internet.

The nearly 3-minute-long video, purportedly taken by an office security camera on May 23, shows a white-collar worker who loses it, trashing his office one cubicle at a time.

The video is set to the Verve's song "Bittersweet Symphony" and shows the man hurling computer monitors, tossing papers, ripping down cubicle walls and taking what appears to be a sledgehammer to the office printer.

A second video, taken with a cell phone, shows security officials using a Taser to subdue the worker. There's sound on the second video, with the workers speaking what sounds like Russian.

Internet watchdog sites like have speculated that the video may be fake, citing co-workers who linger, rather than flee the scene, and the existence of the second-angle video.

Regardless, the videos can make even the most unbearable office spaces seem tame in comparison.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

Click here to see the second angle.