Deadly Plane Crashes in the Past Several Years

The following is a list of some of the deadliest plane crashes worlwide in the last several years:

— July 17, 2007: TAM Linhas Aereas Airbus A320 skids off runway while landing in rainstorm and hits building in Sao Paulo, Brazil, killing all 187 people on board and 12 on ground.

— May 5, 2007: Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 plunges into swamp shortly after taking off from Douala, Cameroon, killing all 114 people aboard.

— Oct. 29, 2006: Nigerian ADC Airlines plane carrying 105 people crashes shortly after taking off during storm in Abuja, killing 96 people. Nine people survive.

— Sept. 29, 2006: Gol Airlines flight crashes in Brazilian jungle after clipping private jet, killing all 154 people aboard. Smaller jet lands safely.

— Aug. 22, 2006: Russian Pulkovo Airlines jetliner returning from Black Sea resort of Anapa crashes in Ukraine during thunderstorm, killing all 170 people on board.

— July 9, 2006: Russian S7 airliner crashes while landing on wet runway in Siberian city of Irkutsk and bursts into flames, killing 124 people.

— May 3, 2006: Armenian Armavia airliner plunges into Black Sea while trying to land at Russian resort city of Sochi in rough weather, killing all 113 people aboard.

— Dec. 6, 2005: Iranian C-130 military transport carrying journalists smashes into building in Tehran suburb as pilot tries emergency landing, killing 94 people in plane and 21 on ground.

— Dec. 10, 2005: Nigerian Sosoliso Airlines jet goes down in Port Harcourt, killing 107 people, most of them schoolchildren.

— Oct. 22, 2005: Nigerian Bellview Airlines jetliner crashes shortly after takeoff from Lagos, killing all 117 people aboard.

— Sept. 5, 2005: Indonesian Mandala Airlines jetliner slams into crowded neighborhood moments after takeoff, killing 99 people in plane and 44 on ground.

— Aug. 16, 2005: West Caribbean Airways charter jet crashes in Venezuela, killing 160 people, most of them tourists from Martinique.

— Aug. 14, 2005: Helios Airways flight from Larnaca, Cyprus, to Athens crashes into hillside outside Athens, killing 121 people.

— Feb. 3, 2005: Afghan Kam Air plane goes down in mountains during bad weather, killing 104 people.