Baby Weighs 30 Pounds, Lives on French Fry Diet

A mother has defended feeding her 18-month-old daughter a diet of French fries - even though the child weighs as much as a four-year-old.

Angela Boswell, 33, from Manchester, England, insisted Courtney, who weighs 30 pounds, will grow up to be healthy.

The youngster occasionally extends her diet to take in chocolate, crisps, cereal and Coca-Cola - but steers clear of her greens.

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"I've tried giving her healthy food but she won't eat it," Boswell said. "She might have a banana sometimes, or yogurt, but she won't touch vegetables - she picks them up and throws them.”

Boswell said she ate a lot of French fries when she was pregnant with Courtney, which may explain why the toddler loves the food so much.

"I think she'll be fine when she's older - I'm not worried at all,” added Boswell, who has four other children with her partner.

Nutritionist Jeanette Jackson told London’s Daily Mail that the situation was “very bad.”

"She is only 18 months and already she is chronically obese,” Jackson said.

Later this week, Courtney will be featured in a British documentary highlighting big babies.

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