Son of Hit-and-Run Victim Appeals to Driver: Give Yourself Up

The son of the 78-year-old man knocked down by a hit-and-run driver and left lying in the street appealed on Sunday for the driver to go to police and face justice.

Speaking on FOX News, Angles Arce said that his father — Angles Torres — and his family is permanently scared by the incident and that the best thing for everyone is that he or she turn themselves in. "Come in and give yourself up," Arce said. "Don't carry this on your shoulders."

Police have been looking for the driver — still at large —- since Friday when the chilling scene was captured on video.

A streetlight surveillance camera showed Torres being mowed down and then lying motionless on a busy city street as cars and pedestrians gawk but appear to do nothing.

In the video, a tan Toyota and a dark Honda that is apparently chasing it veer across the center line, and Torres is struck by the Honda. Both cars then dart down a side street.

Nine cars pass Torres as a few people stare from the sidewalk. Some approach Torres, but no one gets any closer than a couple of yards and no one attempts to stop or divert traffic until a police cruiser responding to an unrelated call arrives on the scene after about a minute and a half.

The incident sparked widespread outrage and prompted many to question what some called the "inhumane" reaction of witnesses. Arce —who said that he refused to look at the tape —was disheartened by the slow reaction of the bystanders. "It's devastating, it's hard to believe," he said.

Torres who is paralyzed from the neck down will undergo surgery Sunday. He remains in critical condition.