Man Repays 75-Year-Old $20 Debt With Interest, $1,000 Donation

It took 75 years and a newspaper story to jog his memory but Frank Assunto says he's finally repaid a $20 loan, with interest and a $1,000 charitable donation.

Assunto said he borrowed $20 from Ulric Pryce — money he'd collected delivery laundry for his father — after losing it gambling. Assunto soon got a new job and lost contact with Pryce and Pryce's Pharmacy.

He said he didn't realize the same family owned the pharmacy until he read about the store's 100th anniversary and called the current owner, Ulric's son, Frank.

Assunto says he gave Pryce $100 — meant to account for interest on the $20 — and made a $1,000 donation to Pryce's church from a trust.

Assunto said he'll be 90 next month, "and I don't want to leave this life owing anybody."