Minor League Baseball Team Staff Plays for 24 Hours Straight

It's a beautiful day for a ballgame. Let's play 12!

The staff of the Brooklyn Cyclones minor league baseball team was playing ball for 24 hours nonstop over the weekend to raise money for charity.

The 13-member team included the general manager and assistant general manager and personnel from ticket sales, graphics, media relations and other departments.

They took the field at KeySpan Park in Coney Island at noon Friday and were playing against 12 other teams in two-hour games until noon Saturday. Their rivals, who contributed $1,000 each to the fundraising effort, included teams from a local bar, Little League, the borough president's office and even the Secret Service.

Cyclones communications director Dave Campanaro played shortstop for 12 hours and then pitched.

The Cyclones introduced the idea last May and raised $2,500 for food shelters while going 10-3 against teams of circus clowns and waiters, among others.

"Last year was a trial run, of sorts," Cyclones general manager Steve Cohen said. "We learned that it was, in fact, possible — though painful — to play baseball for an entire day, and, more importantly, we also realized that the event has the potential to raise even more money for worthy causes."

This year the Cyclones were raising $15,000 for Autism Speaks, HeartShare Human Services of New York and the New York-Penn League Charitable Foundation. The RCN cable television company pledged $50 for every run the team scored.

The Cyclones' 2008 season starts June 17 with a matchup against the Staten Island Yankees.