Man, 94, to Receive High School Diploma 74 Years After Earning It

Ridgell M. McKinney is ready to cross the stage and get his high school diploma, 74 years after his classmates made the same walk.

McKinney's 94 and would have graduated in 1934 had he been willing to rat out a friend. Chalk it up to honor and a case of wrongly accused popped knuckles.

As it is, the active nonagenarian and local historian will be the first in line when diplomas from the new McKinney Boyd High School are awarded.

McKinney is a descendant of Collin McKinney, for whom both the town and Collin County are named. His great-great grandfather also helped pen the Texas Declaration of Independence that cast off Mexican rule in 1836.

So folks in the city of McKinney, a fast-growing suburb north of Dallas, are making a fuss about McKinney's commencement.

The superintendent will present him with a new class ring along with a handshake and the long-awaited sheepskin. Church and fellow history group members will party with him after the ceremony.