Investigators Blame Moisture for B-2 Crash, Release Video

The military has released gripping video footage of a February B-2 bomber crash in Guam that the Air Force has concluded was caused by moisture.

The crash was caused by distorted data in the aircraft's flight control computers, according to a report released Thursday. Air Force investigators blame the distortion on moisture in the system, which caused the computers to calculate the wrong airspeed.

Click here for video of the B-2 crash.

The pilot and co-pilot ejected and survived the Feb. 23 crash. The footage released by the Air Force shows the left wing grazing the runway on takeoff, causing the aircraft to burst into flames.

Just prior to the crash, the plane made an sudden nose-up move that investigators concluded was caused by the computer malfunction, which then caused the B-2 to stall.

It marked the first crash of a B-2, one of the Air Force's most expensive and sophisticated aircraft. There had been only 21 B-2 bombers in use, and the estimated cost of the lost aircraft is $1.4 billion.