Cops Taser Naked Man Claiming to Be President, Jesus

Alabama police used Tasers to stun a naked man claiming to be Jesus Christ and President Bush, officials said.

Richard Scott Odell, 30, was stunned four times by Jefferson County sheriff's deputies early Friday after a motorist called police to inform them a naked man was standing in the middle of Alabama Highway 79, reports.

Odell was stunned with X26 Tasers after refusing to follow orders to lay down on the ground, police said.

He appeared to be intoxicated, officials said. Police said Odell stated he was Jesus Christ and President Bush and could break free of his handcuffs.

"This guy must have been to quite a party or he is quite a party himself," sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Randy Christian told "It isn't every day our deputies run into a naked man standing in the middle of the highway. I guess they have truly seen it all now, no pun intended."

Odell faces charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

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