115-Year-Old Outhouse Found by Construction Crew

Archaeologists are buzzing over a 115-year-old outhouse that was unearthed accidentally by construction crews in Arlington, Wash., according to a report by Q13FOX.com.

Experts say such sites provide glimpses of what life was like back in time.

"Privys are kind of historical time capsules because they're usually left intact, for obvious reasons, and what goes in there likely isn't going to be taken back out," Bill White, an archaeologist who worked on the site, told the station.

The 8,700 artifacts they recovered from the land include everything from seeds from the food people back then were eating to a clay flute from the 1879 World's Fair in Sydney, Australia, Q13FOX.com reported.

The cleaned and archived items will be housed at the Burke Museum in Seattle.

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