Swedish Tax Officials: Your Daughter Can’t Be Named Elvis

A couple in Sweden is appealing a tax board's ruling that they must change the name of their 5-month-old daughter, Elvis, because it is "of a masculine type," Sweden’s The Local reported Wednesday.

The infant’s mother told the news site they chose “Elvis” for their daughter because it was both pretty and gender-neutral.

“We’re not Elvis Presley fans at all,” the woman is quoted in The Local.

In its ruling, the tax board wrote: "It is the National Tax Board's view that Elvis is a first name of a masculine type and as such may, in light of standard practice, be considered clearly inappropriate as a first name for a woman."

Despite the ruling, the mother vows to continue calling the girl Elvis.

Last year, the family of another Swedish baby girl named Metallica faced a similar battle with authorities and won the right to keep the name.

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