Chinese Doctor Pierces Head, Body With 2,008 Pins to Celebrate Beijing Olympics

In a bizarre publicity stunt, a Chinese doctor has pierced his head and torso with 2,008 pins in a patriotic fervor leading up to the Olympic Games in Beijing, The Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday.

Wei Sheng stuck into his head most of the 2,008 pins, whose ends were decorated with crosses depicting the five colors of the Olympic rings. He inserted the rest into his chest and hands, the story reported. A picture on the Web site also shows pins in his shoulder.

This is not Sheng’s first stunt involving pins, nor is it the only outrageous act documented in China to commemorate the upcoming games.

Sheng made the 2004 Guinness Book of World Records after piercing his head with 1,790 needles, The Telegraph reported.

Another Chinese man excited for this year’s games tattooed his forehead with the Olympic symbol and had the games’ mascots inked all over his body.

Sheng already has his room booked for the Olympics later this year.

Click here for a photo and more on this story from The Daily Telegraph.