British Education Adviser Suggests Dropping Traditional School Subjects Because They Are 'Middle Class'

A British educator and government adviser is raising eyebrows with his curriculum suggestions for British schools.

Professor John White outlined his theory Wednesday at a London Institute of Education conference that recommends school children no longer be taught traditional subjects because they are "middle class," The Daily Mail reported.

White suggests cutting subjects such as history, geography and science and replacing them with energy saving, debt management and civic responsibility courses to be taught through projects to cover personal skills, The Mail reported.

White, who specializes in philosophy of education, was a member of a committee set up to advise the British government curriculum authors on changes to elementary school education.

White’s vision involves a series of personal aims for students, arguing traditional subjects were invented by the middle class as "mere stepping stones to wealth."

He believes English, math, history, geography, science or a modern language feed into middle-class values and may alienate students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Critics at the conference attacked White’s theories as "corrosive" and condemned the British government for allowing him to advise on education curriculum, The Mail reported.

Tory, England, schools spokesman Nick Gibb said White’s methods would damage the education system.

"In the world we are living in, we need people who are better-educated, not more poorly educated, more knowledgeable about the world, not less so," he told the Mail.

"This anti-knowledge, anti-subject ideology is deeply damaging to our education system," he continued. "It is this sort of thinking that has led to the promotion of discredited reading methods, the erosion of three separate sciences and the decline of mathematics skills."

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