Report: Father of Madonna's Adopted Son May Challenge Custody Ruling

The father of Madonna's adopted Malawian son may challenge the country's decision to grant the pop star permanent custody of his son David, the Daily Mail reported.

Yohane Banda told the British newspaper he's been left in the dark by government officials who promised him he would have regular visits — every three to four years — from the two-year-old boy as part of the adoption arrangement.

Madonna's lawyer in Malawi, Allan Chinula, told the Daily Mail that he was "not aware" of any such deal and that there was nothing in the adoption order providing such access to David.

A judge on Wednesday approved Madonna's adoption of the boy, and at the time Yohane Banda said he was glad the adoption was successful, according to the Associated Press.

"I am glad it's all over," said the 33-year-old farmer, who makes a living growing tomatoes, maize and onions. "I am glad David has a new, good home."

But he told the Daily Mail for its latest edition he would be reviewing the adoption ruling.

"Because I support the adoption I would not want to put up a challenge that would reverse it, but I might challenge some aspects of the order that has been granted," he told the newspaper. "I am discussing with my family about following up on having access to the child. We will not leave things the way they are – we will do something about it."

David's mother died when he was a month old. His father has said he believed he could not care for him alone and that placing him in an orphanage was the best way to ensure David's survival.

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