Raw Data: The Albums and Songs of Bo Diddley

The albums and songs of Bo Diddley:

Bo Diddley Discography: Main Albums (Source: allmusic.com)

1957 Bo Diddley [1957]

1959 Go Bo Diddley

1959 Have Guitar, Will Travel

1960 Bo Diddley in the Spotlight

1961 Bo Diddley Is a Gunslinger

1961 Bo Diddley Is a Lover

1962 Bo Diddley [1962]

1962 Bo Diddley & Company

1962 Bo Diddley's a Twister

1962 Hey! Bo Diddley

1963 Bo Diddley's Beach Party [live]

1963 Surfin' With Bo Diddley

1964 Two Great Guitars

1965 Hey, Good Lookin'

1965 500% More Man

1965 Let Me Pass

1966 The Originator

1967 Boss Man

1967 Road Runner

1968 Super Blues

1970 The Black Gladiator

1971 Another Dimension

1972 Where It All Began

1973 The London Bo Diddley Sessions

1974 Big Bad Bo

1989 Live at the Ritz

1989 Pay Bo Diddley

1992 Who Do You Love

1992 Bo's Guitar

1992 Live [Fan Club]

1992 This Should Not Be

1994 Live [Triple X]

1994 Promises

1995 The Mighty Bo Diddley

1996 A Man Amongst Men

1996 Mona [Drive]

1998 Road Runner Live

2000 I Am a Man, Vol. 1

2003 Greatest Rock & Roll Show

2005 Vamp [live]

2007 You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover [live]

Song Highlights (Source: allmusic.com)

Before You Accuse Me

Bo Diddley

Bring It to Jerome

Crackin' Up

Hey! Bo Diddley

I Can Tell

I'm a Man

I'm Bad

I'm Looking for a Woman

I'm Sorry

Let Me In

Little Girl


Mumblin' Guitar

Ooh Baby


Ride on Josephine

Say Boss Man

Say Man

She's Alright

She's Fine, She's Mine

Signifying Blues

The Story of Bo Diddley

Who Do You Love?

You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover

You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care)