Google Unveils iPhone 'Killer'

Will the Google phone have you hanging up your iPhone?

Google unveiled the software for its much-anticipated new phone last week, and it's loaded with fun features, including an unlocking tool that allows users to create a secret shape that must be drawn on the screen.

The phone will, naturally, feature the Google Web browser, Google Mail and Google Maps. The Street View feature, similar to what you can get on your desktop with Google Maps, will turn in The same direction as the person holding the phone.

The phone will also include a compass, magnifying tool and a version of the game Pac-Man. Its touch-screen technology will be similar to that of an Apple iPhone, but it will also be able to work with a tracking ball.

Google is not making the phones, just working to develop the Android operating system that manufacturers will install. Companies such as Samsung and Motorola have said they will make phones that run on Android.