Australian Man Accused of Murdering Immigrant Wife, Daughter

An Australian man of Indian descent is believed to have murdered his second wife and her 9-year-old daughter, India's is reporting.

Sanjay Mehta, 41, is accused of dumping Jyoti, 38, and her daughter's bodies over a canyon cliff, after murdering them. He reported them missing on May 5, but it was not until a month later that their bodies were discovered, nearly 500 feet from the top of the cliff where Mehta had dropped them.

Mehta met Jyoti on the Internet in 2006. She moved to Australia from India with her daughter to marry him in May of last year, Timesnow writes.

Police documents revealed Jyoti had displayed signs of depression just prior to her death because she did not have permanent residency in Australia and was forced to remain there with Mehta so she and her daughter would not be deported. Jyoti also went to a center for domestic violence in January, after her husband allegedly threatened to kill her and her daughter.

Mehta's ex-wife allegedly moved back into his house last week and detectives claim he has shown no sign of remorse and has continued to deny any role in the murder of his second wife, Jyoti, and her daughter, despite apparent evidence.

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