Report: Iraqi Military Extends Control in Mosul

Following recent successes in reducing violence in Basra and Sadr City, the Iraqi army has extended its control over the Sunni Arab district in Mosul, where weekly figures on attacks are down by 50 percent since May 10, The New York Times reported Sunday.

A reduction of violence in Mosul — where the Iraqi military has recently intensified its operations with the help of the U.S. troops — provides hope that Iraq's army may soon gain substantial control over all three of the country's major cities, the Times reported.

In recent days, Iraqi soldiers have reportedly arrested more than 1,000 suspected insurgents in Mosul, the paper reported.

The Iraqi soldiers “are heady from the Basra experience,” Brig. Gen. Raymond A. Thomas III, the commander of American forces in Mosul, told the Times. “They have learned the right lessons.”

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