British Man Bets His Life Against Cancer, and Wins

Talk about a betting man.

A terminally ill British man has collected nearly $10,000 after betting he could beat the odds and stay alive, it is reported.

According to the U.K.'s Sun newspaper, Jon Matthews, 58, bet that he could beat out the cancer doctors say usually kills within months.

It started in 2006 when doctors in Middlesex told him he had Mesothelioma - a type of cancer linked to asbestos.

Doctors — eight months ago — only gave him a until Christmas, but when New Years came and went he visited the online betting site, William Hill and placed a bet, said the report.

William Hill accepted the bet because Matthews insisted it would give him motivation to battle his illness, according to the Sun. After checking out the facts, the betting house gave him odds of 50/1.

"The longest the doctors have ever heard of anyone surviving Mesothelioma after diagnosis was 25 months," Matthews told the newspaper.

"Today is 25 months and a week so I’ve beaten that record."

Matthews said he is donating half of the money to the cancer charity Macmillan.

"The other half I’m going to spend on myself - booze and fags probably - I don’t have anything to lose," he told the Sun.

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