Simple Ways to Show You Care This Father's Day

This Father's Day, clear your calendar and make room for dad. Show him how much you appreciate him with these special ways to spend time together.
Wash His Car
Chances are your dad's other "baby" is his car. So, give his most prized possession a complete clean-up. Since he'll be supervising your every move, it will give you guys a chance to hang out together.
Let Dad Decide
All dads have their "thing". Whether it's golfing, fishing, or hiking, devote the day to what dad wants to do. Plan an outing for the two of you that he'll never forget.
Whistle While You Work
Do a chore he's been avoiding. Take one for the team and offer to plant flowers, mow the lawn or fix something around the house.
Pamper Pops
Check out spas that offer special services just for men. From massages to hot towel shaves, give your dad the royal treatment he deserves. For some QT, tag along and treat yourself to something too.
Throw a Family BBQ
Grilling and eating are two of your dad's favorite pastimes. And since it's his day, he gets to chow down on red meat without glares from your mother. Go all out and prepare his favorite foods. Round up the whole fam for a fun, laid-back way to celebrate dad.
Get Sporty
Whether you splurge on tickets to a game or take him to a bar to watch, dads love a good game and a good beer. Play darts, shoot some pool, and remember - this one's on you!

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