Teen's Accidental Photo Shows Eerie Ghost-Like Hand on Banister

A teenager claims a picture he took while attending a wedding at a Scottish castle proves ghosts exist.

The spectral vision was captured by 14-year-old Connor Bond at Tulloch Castle in the Scottish highlands, famed for its ghostly residents.

The “apparition” was snapped by accident, and appears to be a misty hand holding a railing with a cloudy shape coming off it.

The family only noticed what they had captured when they downloaded the image to their computer.

Despite describing themselves as skeptics, Connor and his father, Mike, are now convinced what they snapped is a real ghost and are hoping experts will examine it and prove them correct.

“We were at this wedding and Connor was walking around taking loads of photos,” Mike Bond, 52, said. “After we loaded them up onto the computer we were looking through them and were just stopped in our tracks by this one shot. You can see a hand on the banister and what appears to be a white mist around it.”

He went on to say he was baffled by the mystery.

“I just don’t see what else it could be — it’s a digital camera so you can’t accidentally double expose the shot and Connor swears there was no one around at the time,” He said.

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