Country Singer Cagle, Girlfriend Jailed in Domestic Assault

Chris Cagle was arrested on domestic assault charges Wednesday following a fight with his girlfriend.

A police affidavit said the 39-year-old country music singer and his girlfriend, Jennifer Tant, were intoxicated and an argument turned physical early Wednesday. Corrections officials said both were jailed on misdemeanor domestic assault charges.

Karla Weikal of the Davidson County Sheriff's Department said there was a mandatory 12-hour stay in jail before Cagle and Tant could post their $1,500 bonds.

A spokeswoman for Capitol Nashville, Cagle's record label, said the company had no comment.

Cagle is scheduled to stand trial Sept. 23 in Tucson, Ariz., on a misdemeanor assault charge. He is accused of striking resident Mark Barry on Dec. 13 after a benefit concert.

Police said the singer punched Barry in the face after Barry's girlfriend became verbally abusive toward Cagle.