Soldiers Return From War to Deplorable Conditions in Barracks

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For the past few days, we have been treated to our latest embarrassment, our latest neglect, our latest chapter in the sick joke we play on each other. I am, of course, speaking of the joke about “how we love and respect our soldiers." On YouTube no less, the world gets to see the "no crap" truth that our nation's priorities, even while we are at war, are never with its soldiers.

Soldiers from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, returning to their barracks from combat operations in Afghanistan, have been treated to “third world” living conditions: pipes busted, ceilings falling down, sewers backed up, mildew and fungus everywhere. This is not a new occurrence. Talk to any soldier living on any base in this country and he will regale you with stories of living conditions that will make you nauseous.

So you administration “water carriers” think this is some kind of “liberal” lie? You think that because USA Today ran the story that it is an exaggeration? You think that by talking about this, that this writer is some kind of traitor? You did not believe the Washington Post when they broke the tragic story of the lack of out-patient care at Walter Reed?


You loud mouth talk show hosts, who never served this nation a day in your life or have your children serve, you think I am making this up? Tell you what, you and I take your private jet and go visit a few United States of America Army Bases, then we will go on your show and you can tell your “Kool-Aid drinking” audience what we saw.

I am not talking against, down to or in any negative fashion about our great soldiers; I am talking about how we as a nation treat these great soldiers. This is about the total lack of leadership of the Officer Corps that would allow such conditions to exist. We do not care for soldiers, period. During the last six years, while we have been at war, we have not protected; sending soldiers into combat without the right gear. We have neglected; finally being exposed by the Washington Post to take better care of our wounded soldiers at Walter Reed and now the Army is being outed on its “slum lord” conditions at Fort Bragg. For an organization that prides itself on “caring and leading”, you would think that our military would get this part right. It has not.

Still don't have your attention? Try this. You remember a place called Abu Ghraib? Abu Ghraib was an Iraq prison in which our “brilliant” government housed Iraq prisoners and then did not apply basic leadership and failed to supervise the United States Army Guards who abused and in some cases tortured, prisoners. We know all about this because the New York Times had the story over 50 times on its front page.

Soldiers are living in slum like conditions at Fort Bragg, Fort Campbell, Fort Stewart, Fort Drum and other military installations. The same piss poor leadership that allowed Abu Ghraib to happen and cause this nation’s embarrassment, is the same incompetent and uncaring military leadership that has allowed a soldier’s barracks to deteriorate to the conditions seen in USA Today. The root cause, the bottom line reason for both incidents, is a total lack of leadership within this administration, with the military standing front and center. There is no excuse.

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Colonel David Hunt, U.S. Army (Ret.), is a FOX News military analyst and the author of the New York Times bestseller They Just Don’t Get It. He has extensive operational experience in counterterrorism, special operations, and intelligence operations. He has trained the FBI and Special Forces in counterterrorism tactics, served as the security adviser to six different Olympic Games, testified as an expert at many major terrorist trials, and lectured at the CIA, the FBI, and the National Security Agency. You can read his complete bio here.