High School Seniors Suspended Over T-Shirts Joking About Underage Drinking

Nearly 50 Livonia, Mich., high school seniors have been suspended for a day and could be banned from prom and commencement for wearing T-shirts that joke about underage drinking.

Stevenson High School officials say the messages "Puschin' It To The Limit" on the front and "Class of .08 Seniors" on the back are inappropriate. The first is a play on Busch beer and the second refers to Michigan's blood-alcohol limit for drivers.

They were suspended Thursday.

Students say shocking shirts have been a tradition at the school for seniors and can't understand why their class is being singled out. They claim the shirts were meant to be funny, not offensive.

"People wear shirts worse than this, with Guinness, Jack Daniels and Corona on them and don't get stopped," Stevenson High senior Jared Belsley told MyFOX Detroit. "To get in trouble for a shirt like this made up for spirit week is kind of absurd."

Wayne County Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) say the punishment is appropriate.

"The goal is to prevent underage drinking, so there is zero tolerance," MADD member N'echole McClendon told MyFOX Detroit. "So for them to say that it's appropriate to drink and drive -- it's not. It's illegal for them to even consume alcohol."

The Detroit News and Free Press report the students are expected to attend a meeting Friday to learn how they can attend prom and graduation ceremonies.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.