Find the Perfect Pairs of Jeans For Your Body Type

Finding a hot pair of jeans is never very hard, finding a pair that fits well is a whole other story. With vastly different body types, how can we all expect to fit in the same styles? Well JOE'S Jeans has solved that problem, catering different styles to different figures.

Here are three of my favorites as you saw in Denim Fits.

Curvy? Try the Honey

Marilyn's curves would never fit in some of the styles in stores today. If you're voluptuous like this sassy star, the honey is made for you! Fitted at the waist and contoured to fit your curves, this style avoids that uncomfortable gap when your butt fits but your waist doesn't.

High Waisted? Try the Muse

The one good thing about Britney losing her popularity is hopefully her ultra-low jeans will go with her. JOE's Muse is perfect for the woman on the go who wants a higher waist, flattering fit and a sophisticated style.

Petite? Try the Provocateur

Pretty and petite girls, embrace your size! You don't have to reach supermodel heights to look fabulous in denim. JOE's Provocateur style is made for women who are 5'4" or smaller. Rather than hemming a regular pair, this style is a better fit because of its shorter inseam and higher knee break.
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