Sister of Spanish Crown Princess Letizia Seeks Restraining Order Against Media Outlets

A sister of Spanish Crown Princess Letizia asked a court Monday to all but bar media outlets from filming her, arguing she is not a public figure and news organizations have been harassing her.

Telma Ortiz, 35, is suing nearly 50 news outlets in a case being heard in the central city of Toledo. A decision on her request for a restraining order is expected in a few days. The media organizations include major TV channels and gossip magazines like Hola!

Ortiz's problems with the Spanish gossip media began early this year when she returned from the Philippines, where she had been employed as an aid worker, to have a baby in Spain.

Ortiz says the media have invaded her privacy and that of her companion, Enrique Martin Llop.

In previous cases involving Spanish media and celebrities, the latter tended to sue a particular outlet over publication of a specific photo or piece of footage.

But in this case, Ortiz is seeking a blanket ban on news organizations publishing photos or footage of her, except ones in which she appears at official functions involving her role as sister of the crown princess. Such instances are very rare, however.

Alvaro Nieto, deputy editor of Tiempo, a magazine named in the suit, told The Associated Press, "Telma Ortiz has the right to protect herself, but for her to try to bar reporting on her is excessive."

He added: "We support ending harassment that violates a person's privacy, but this cannot be taken to the extreme of censorship."

Ortiz is the middle sister of three in their family. Letizia is the eldest, and the youngest, Erika, died in February 2007 in circumstances the family never explained.