Report: 17 People Arrested After House Party Turns to Hostage Standoff

A loud party at a "known gang house" in Ogden, Utah turned into a six-hour hostage standoff Saturday night, according to police.

Ogden Duty Lt. John Stubbs said that dispatchers got calls from people inside the house saying they were being held against their will. When cops arrived to 3535 Madison Ave. those inside, allegedly armed with guns, refused to come out, reported.

Ogden and Layton SWAT teams were called in and negotiated through the night. But victims managed to eventually escape through a window, after which the S.W.A.T. teams bombed the house with tear gas, the station reported.

Partygoer Brittany Martinez denied the allegations, telling MyFOXUtah that no one was armed or being held against their will.

The station reported at least two females claimed to have been physically assaulted by suspects.

Fourteen adults and three juveniles have been arrested on charges of assault and aggravated kidnapping.

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The Associate Press contributed to this report.