13-Year-Old Baseball Player Suffers Heart Attack Rounding Bases

A 13-year-old Little League player is in critical condition after he collapsed during a baseball game at his Boise, Idaho middle school.

Justin McAfee went in cardiac arrest as he was rounding the bases at Lake Hazel Middle School Wednesday night, according to IdahoStatesman.com.

Emergency crews who responded to the 911 call credited bystanders with helping keep the boy alive, it was reported.

"It looks like they did an incredible job with bystander CPR," Mike Nugent, paramedic supervisor with Ada County, told the Statesman."People did all the right things. There are hopeful signs."

McAfee, a ninth grader, was rushed to St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital in Meridian where he is currently being treated in the pediatric intensive care unit.

It was reported the teenager was in a coma, but that has been denied by hospital officials.

"To say that he’s in a coma is not completely correct," Beth Toal, the public relations manager at St. Luke’s, told FOXNews.com.

"His family has requested that we don’t release a lot of information about his condition," she added.

According to the American Heart Association, the reported incidences of out-of-hospital pediatric cardiac arrest vary widely from 2.6 to 19.7 annual cases per 100,000 children.

Causes include trauma, sudden infant death syndrome, respiratory issues, cardiovascular complications and drowning.