Belgian Woman Charged With Locking Up Ex-Boyfriend for 5 Months

A Belgian woman on Wednesday was charged with locking up her ex-boyfriend for almost five months, Reuters reported.

The unidentified woman is charged with false imprisonment after allegedly barricading the 29-year-old man in her home in Lessines, Belgium, about 30 miles west of Brussels.

Officials say she kept the man captive after calling off their relationship in December. Her brother and new boyfriend reportedly moved into the house, and if convicted, all three could face jail sentences of one to five years, Reuters reported.

"The former partner was mistreated and he was not well-fed," a court official in the town of Tournai told Reuters.

The suspect’s father informed police of the situation after a family fight Monday.

The victim was wanted at the time of his abduction for drug dealing, and is now in jail.