Parents Seek Cure for 4-Month-Old With Swollen, Deformed Leg

A man and woman from Seremban, Malaysia, are at a loss to find a cure for what is causing their 4-month-old baby's swollen and deformed leg, the Star Online is reporting.

Construction worker Chong Soong Seong, 36, and his wife Sow Choon Heong, 35, say that when Sow was pregnant scans showed that their baby Chong Shun Jing’s left leg was growing abnormally.

When the baby was born in December, her left leg was slightly bigger than the right. It is now swollen to more than double the size of the right.

“Her left leg was sort of twisted," Sow told the Star Online. "There were also some dark red patches and doctors have not been able to tell me what’s wrong with her. Also, there are boil-like wounds and lesions on her leg."

Several tests conducted by doctors found that Shun Jing’s leg showed symptoms of giant cavernous hemangioma, or some sort of abnormal growth, the Web site reported.

Cavernous hemangioma appears in infancy and often persists. They have a nodular purplish appearance but are benign. Biopsy is difficult as blood is involved.

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