Convicted 'Missing Candidate' Arrested for Alleged Bail Violation

Police have found and arrested Gary Dodds, the former New Hampshire congressional candidate convicted of faking a disappearance two years ago, for allegedly violating bail conditions.

Strafford County Attorney Thomas Velardi said Tuesday a judge revoked Dodds' bail and an arrest warrant was issued.

Dodds was considered a fugitive.

Late Monday night, state and local police with dogs converged on the apartment building that Dodds' owns and where he formerly had his campaign office in Portsmouth after an unconfirmed sighting of him.

Dodds was sentenced in March to 20 days in jail and a year of home confinement. He was free pending a ruling on his appeal.

Velardi said he asked that bail be revoked based on factors including a report from Dodds' wife to police that they had been in a physical fight in Florida. Velardi said Mrs. Dodds was not hurt.

He also said Dodds had not been living consistently at his Rye home and that he had been in Florida recently when he told the court he would be in New Orleans. Velardi said Mrs. Dodds also reported Dodds had been acting irrationally.

Dodds, was convicted in February of falsifying physical evidence, causing false public alarm and leaving the scene of an April 2006 accident. Dodds claimed he hit his head when he crashed into a guardrail in Dover, then nearly drowned in a river before collapsing for 27 hours until he was rescued, but prosecutors say Dodds staged the crash and spent part of that time inside, soaking his feet in cold water.

His alleged motive was drawing attention to his flagging campaign in the Democratic primary in the 1st Congressional District. He finished third in the four-way race.