Make Old Clothes New Again!

How do you make an old basic look new again?
Season 3 Project Runway contestant, Angela Keslar gave us some tips on updating your oldies but goodies.
Denim Do-over
Don't be so quick to toss your old jeans! Angela shows you how to get crafty to create new looks.
Sew pretty glass buttons on the belt loops of an old pair of jeans for a whole new look. For beautiful, unique pieces, try M&J Trimming.
Sew patches on the legs or back pockets of an old pair. Try a rhinestone letter patch that is a cheap way to add some glam to your wardrobe. All you'll need is a hot iron for a cool new look.
Channel your 8th grade self and draw on old denim with a medium point black sharpie. Take inspiration from the runway at Marc Jacobs, or add some individuality by trying your favorite notebook doodles.
Pair trendy accesories with an old pair of wripped jeans. Try ankle strap sandals like these from Boutique 9 available at Macy's.
For something drastic, dye your jeans a bright color like fuschia. This can be a fun family project, though prepare for a bit of a mess. Try using rit dye available at Michaels, The Arts & Crafts Store.

Leggings Last and Last...
A pair of black leggings can quickly become BORING. Not only can you spice them up, but with the help of a sharp scissor you can create a whole new punk look!
Add black rosettes around the ankles of an old pair of leggings. Try M&J Trimming.
Cut the legs off leggings for arm gloves on a cool day.
Cut the legs off and wear the waist as a tube top. All you need is a pair of sharp scissors. Leave the edge jagged for a total rock star look.

Skirt Stand By
There's nothing more rewarding than a two for one deal! Angela suggests wearing your favorite skirt as a dress. Here's another idea!
If you wear your skirt as a dress trying playing with a belt for different styles. Wear at your natural waistline or at an empire waistline.

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