Georgia Man to Police Dispatcher: 'I Just Killed My Parents'

Authorities in southeastern Georgia have arrested a 22-year-old man who told a police dispatcher that he killed his parents.

Camden County Sheriff's Lt. Williams Terrell says Tye Christopher Watkins called 911 Monday morning and told the dispatcher: "I just killed my parents."

Deputies responded to the home in an affluent waterfront neighborhood about 40 miles north of Jacksonville, Fla., and near the Navy's submarine base at Kings Bay.

They found 47-year-old Thomas Jefferson "TJ" Watkins and 44-year-old Cindy Trott Watkins dead of multiple gunshot wounds. Investigators are trying to determine what prompted the shootings.

Watkins was in custody and scheduled for an arraignment on Tuesday. Authorities did not know Monday afternoon if he had retained an attorney.