Race's Role in the Election After Obama Cans Rev. Wright

The first thing I noticed in the immediate aftermath of Barack Obama dumping on the Rev. Jeremiah Wright was that a lot of the left wing blogs that have been actively working for Obama to win the Democratic nomination had not cleaned up their sites quickly.

Some still carried angry screeds about how Jeremiah Wright was historically correct — "Wright is Right" — in the things he said at the Washington Press Club on Monday, and Americans were just racists if they weren't willing to face the truth.

That was a bit embarrassing. After all, once Obama himself said Wright was wrong, and offensive, and appalling and destructive, Obama supporters had to fall in line. So the left wing Web sites were scrubbed and second string blogger hacks were brought off the bench and into the game to proclaim, "Wright lower than low," and "Thank God Obama threw him overboard."

Former President Jimmy Carter got caught. Larry King asked him if he would have left Wright's church had he heard the Wright sermons that have caused so much consternation. "Oh, no," Carter said, "I wouldn't leave it. I think not."

Well, now we know Obama says he would. We might wonder if that's actually true, but it's still amusing to see Mr. Carter's rhetorical undergarments out in the breeze.

Among the mainstream media types the attitude today is that it's time for the Obama media encampment to get back on the bus working to making sure he is president. No doubt Hillary Clinton will soon be facing another round of, "Why doesn't she just quit?"

But the media that has been pushing Barack into the White House and keeping Hillary out has also issued a warning that the Rev. Wright stuff is now officially off-limits, and the people who were complaining about the racist pastor should immediately go back to being on the alert for the usual suspects in the racism game: Whites. Especially white Republicans.

For instance, the last line of the New York Times' unsigned editorial took aim at McCain for not doing enough to stop an Obama-Wright attack ad in North Carolina sponsored by the State Republican Party: "This country needs a healthy and open discussion of race. Mr. Obama's repudiation of Mr. Wright is part of that. His opponents also have a responsibility — to repudiate the race-baiting and make sure it stops."

Translation: We all know the racists who cause the biggest problems are whites, not blacks, so we shall return to battling that racism, and anyone who continues to wonder about Obama and his pastor — "Does Obama believe the things that Wright believes?" — must be a racist him or herself.

That's My Word.

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