Hurricane Expert Says His Global Warming Views Haven't Affected University's Support

A pioneering expert on hurricane forecasting is disputing media reports that Colorado State University is pulling its support of his work because of his controversial views on global warming.

William Gray, a professor emeritus at Colorado State, is a skeptic of man-made global warming and once said that pro-global warming scientists are "brainwashing our children." An article Monday by the Houston Chronicle that was cited by FOX News claimed that Gray's views had prompted the university to stop promoting his renowned annual North Atlantic hurricane forecasts.

The Chronicle quoted a memo Gray sent the university last year accusing it of trying to stifle his views on global warming, but Gray issued a statement Tuesday saying that his status at the university hadn't changed.

"We're still putting the forecast out," he said. "CSU continues to support me. I'm in the same office I've been for 41 years now and I hope to stay here some more years and keep working as I always have."

Sandra Woods, dean of the university's College of Engineering, said the memo Gray sent last year was based on misinformation, and the misunderstanding has been corrected.

"We are all on the same page and CSU continues to offer full support of his forecast," Woods said in a written statement. "His funding has not been pulled."

Gray initially declined to be interviewed, according to the Chronicle, but after the story was published Gray told the newspaper that since last year the university had "backtracked" on its position toward him.

In the fall of 2005, Gray passed lead authorship of the hurricane forecasts to his former student Philip Klotzbach, but he continues to head the Tropical Meteorology Project at CSU.

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