Funeral Home Calls Woman to Arrange Her Funeral

A 75-year-old Massachusetts woman received a phone call late one night asking about planning her funeral, because the director got a call saying she was dead, MyFOXBoston reported.

Rose Griffin was sleeping when someone called asking for her son Timothy. She told them they had the wrong number and then using the number on her caller ID, called it back.

"I said, 'who the hell are you calling my house at 10 at night looking for Timothy Griffin? He doesn't live here,'" she told the station. "He said, 'this is Cataudella's Funeral Home.' I said, 'what?'"

Griffin thought the voice on the phone sounded familiar, and it did — she knew the funeral worker who was calling because of her job as a greeter at a local store.

"I said, 'Paul, Welcome to Wal-Mart. This is Rose. I'm alive.' He said, 'What?,'" she told the station.

Someone called the funeral home and told the answering service she had died, MyFOXBoston reported.

Griffin told the station the weird part is that she has a preplanned funeral, and it is expected to take place Cataudella.

"Sicko," said Griffin. "Real sick."

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