Friends Claim Man Killed by Houston Police After High-Speed Chase Was CIA Agent

Authorities are investigating mysterious claims that a man killed by Houston police after a car chase was a CIA agent, MyFOXHouston reported.

Roland Vincent Carnaby, 52, was initially pulled over during a routine traffic stop Tuesday, but drove off when the officer discovered his concealed weapon license. A high-speed chase ensued, during which Carnaby was said to be armed.

Houston officers said they shot him as he was getting out of his Jeep SUV because he made a sudden move, according to MyFOXHouston. He died en route to the hospital, police said.

During a close inspection of Carnaby’s vehicle, police found two pistols and a rifle.

While the CIA denies that Carnaby worked there, friends insist he was a federal intelligence agent, according to The Houston Chronicle. His SUV was reportedly owned by the National Association for Intelligence Officers and he was the president of the organization's local chapter.

Friends say they witnessed Carnaby socializing with local law enforcement officials and high-level CIA bureaucrats.

Car dealer Alan Helfman told the Chronicle that he met Carnaby more than a decade ago when "a mutual friend high in law enforcement" brought him to buy a car. Carnaby told Helfman that he was a federal officer who worked in intelligence, and the two became close.

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