Surgeons said they are unable to reattach the severed arms of a seven-year-old Saudi Arabian boy because of the inadequate medical treatment he received right after his accident, reports the Arab News.

Al-Ashdaf Muhammad Al-Sharari’s arms were severed by the irrigation machine at a farm in Al-Jouf three weeks ago. The two hospitals he stayed at near his home lacked proper facilities and specialists to treat Al-Ashdaf’s condition.

He was recently transferred to King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh where he is in stable condition.

However, surgeons at King Faisal said the inadequate medical treatment that Al-Ashdaf received right after the hospital has made it impossible for the boy to have his arms reattached because another infection would likely develop.

The transplant could not be done until the first infection cleared up, surgeons said.

Dr. Fuad Hashim, a consulting plastic surgeon at King Faisal, said the stump on Al-Ashdaf’s left side was infected so badly it may be beyond repair. However, once he receives a skin transplant, Al-Ashdaf may benefit from the use of artificial limbs.

“Despite his condition, he is in good spirits,” said Muhammad Al-Sharari, the boy’s father. “I came to the scene after hearing my son’s cries,” Al-Sharari said about the accident. “The sight was shocking. The two ripped arms were hanging on the machine and Al-Ashdaf was stuck. Three workers had passed out. I turned off the machine and rushed him to the hospital.”

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