Pharmacy Error Blamed After 3-Month-Old Is Sickened, Overdoses on Prescription Medication

A 3-month-old was sickened after overdosing on prescription medication due to a dosage error made by a pharmacy, Orlando’s is reporting.

John and Sharon Ruddell had a prescription filled at a Palm Coast Walgreens store for one of their twin infant daughters, Leah, who had contracted a sinus infection.

But after taking her first dose, she became unresponsive, according to her parents.

"Two hours later, I get a phone call from the pharmacist at Walgreens and he explained that they misprinted the label," John Ruddell told "It was supposed to be a quarter milliliter, not a quarter teaspoon."

The dose was six times the amount Leah should have received. Hospital records indicate the baby overdosed, but doctors were able to stabilize her and send her home, the Web site says.

Two days after the overdose, Walgreens' insurer called to offer the family $2,000. They declined. "Two thousand dollars for almost killing my baby," Sharon Ruddell told "It is almost like, don't bother."

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In a statement to, Walgreens said, "We are addressing these issues with the pharmacist and taking appropriate action to ensure our safety procedures are always followed."

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