Is Hillary Picking Up Steam Against Obama and McCain?

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ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: With two more huge Democratic primaries next Tuesday, in North Carolina and Indiana, Hillary Clinton appears to be picking up steam. An Associated Press national poll released today has Clinton up with a nine-point lead on Republican counterpart John McCain. In the same poll Barack Obama is only up on the Arizona senator by two.

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With us now the author of "If Democrats Had Any Brains, -- They'd Still Be Democrats -- They'd Be Republicans," Ann Coulter, and pollster Doug Schoen.

Look, if Obama -- you said all these horrible things about McCain. If Obama is the nominee, will you vote for him?


COLMES: Will you vote for McCain?

COULTER: I -- he's going to chose a vice-presidential nominee. That will be the person I'll be voting for. But no, I never said I'd vote for Obama over McCain.

COLMES: So you'll vote Republican based on the V.P.?

COULTER: Because you said, "I'm not comparing McCain to Hitler, Hitler had a coherent tax policy."


COLMES: This is the man you would vote for, for president.

COULTER: Correct.

COLMES: I see. All right.

COULTER: The other reference is dishonest and dishonorable (ph). Yes, I would vote for him over Obama, who's pals with a Weatherman. And who has a lunatic as his religious mentor...

COLMES: They are not pals.

COULTER: Yes they are pals.

COLMES: Is this -- let Doug weigh in, too.

DOUG SCHOEN, DEMOCRATIC POLLSTER: I guess what I would say is two things. First, there's a legitimate issue that Barack Obama has to deal with. He has to distance himself, finally, irrevocably, from Reverend Wright. He has to have a Sistah Souljah moment and say, "It's done. More important than politics, I decry all of this."

Alan, this is an election that's about the economy. It's about Iraq.


SCHOEN: If you looked at the USA Today poll this morning, it shows when voters find out where McCain stands, they basically end up where Ann and I are, with Hillary. And Sean, you're the only one with McCain that's...


SCHOEN: We share the same views on national security, and I stand with Ann when she says that Hillary is stronger in national...


COLMES: Does Hillary...

SCHOEN: I'm sorry.

COLMES: Does Hillary -- I'd rather look over there, too. Does Hillary have a chance? Excuse me, I was talking to Doug Schoen.

SCHOEN: Thank you, Alan.

COLMES: Can she win?

SCHOEN: She has chance. The conventional wisdom is changing every day. The U.S. -- the Survey USA poll in Indiana now has her up nine. She's moving up in the national polls.

COLMES: How does she do it? How does she get from here to there?

SCHOEN: She gets from here to there with a combination of two things. One, steady progress in states like Indiana and North Carolina. She wins a vast majority of the eight remaining contests after those two. And look, there have to be more mistakes by Barack Obama. And Sean, you'd have to agree Obama's not handling things well.

COLMES: And then picks -- and then picks Obama as a running mate?

SCHOEN: Well, here's the problem.

COLMES: And then Ann wouldn't have a problem voting for both of them.

SCHOEN: That's right. Democrats are so divided that they're going to have to come together with Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama. The problem is putting Humpty Dumpty back together again, after this fight.

COLMES: Now, Ann, issue by issue, the American people seem to side, when you simply talk about issues with Democrats, whether it's health care, education, the war, that's where -- unfortunately, we're talking about all of this ancillary stuff which is not relevant to what a president does.

COULTER: Well, I don't believe that, but I do believe ab initio, you start out with the Democrats ahead this year, because Bush has done such a magnificent job preventing another attack since September 11.

SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: A friend of Pelosi's...

COULTER: People have just forgotten about terrorism.

SCHOEN: That's probably true.

COULTER: They're forgotten that that is a threat. And this happens all the time with what...

HANNITY: Let Ann finish.

COULTER: This is what Republicans do all the time. There's a problem, Republicans solve the problem, we lose it as an issue. We did it with crime. We did it with taxes. Now we've done it with terrorism.

And so after Republican rule for a while, the nation goes crazy and just thinks, "Oh, let's try a Democrat again."

And so looks like it should be the Democrat year, but you've got Hillary Clinton. And I must say, it is getting very hard to support Hillary Clinton, because she keeps sending out, you know, James Carville and Bill Clinton.

HANNITY: I finally get it.

COULTER: I mean, if she could get rid of Bill Clinton and the whole Clinton administration. That's a big problem for her. Obama has the crazy pastor and the crazy connections with the Weathermen and is attacking people for religion and guns.

And then we have McCain, who's a liberal Republican. So I can't see any of them winning.

COLMES: Ron Paul.

HANNITY: Let me ask you about the Sistah Souljah moment. How could it be possible -- let's be real. For 20 years he sat in the pulpit. He had to know where the minister was coming from. He disinvited him for a reason. So it would seem like he is a, "quintessential politician" who's doing what is politically expedient. Wouldn't it?

SCHOEN: You know, Rev. Wright made it very clear that he sees him as a politician. And sometimes you have to put principle first. You can't let yourself be held hostage by the likes of Jeremiah Wright. He has to say, "Enough."

HANNITY: But wait a minute. It would be political expediency.

SCHOEN: It would be right.

HANNITY: I think he believes what Wright says or else he wouldn't have stayed there 20 years.

SCHOEN: He says he doesn't believe it.

HANNITY: Do you believe him?

SCHOEN: You know, I don't know what to believe. I want to hear from him again.


SCHOEN: He needs to disavow him completely. That's what he needs to do.

COULTER: I don't think that's enough. Sean is right about that. I don't care whether he believes it or not. He called this guy his spiritual mentor. He was married by this guy. His children were baptized by this guy. I don't care what he believes in his heart.

SCHOEN: Well, I do. The American people want to know.

HANNITY: Wait a second. Ann points out when you add William Ayers into the mix, and you look at the 20-year association, look, I don't think there's anybody in our lives on this panel that hasn't run into somebody that seems like a nice person. Two years later you begin to see they're a nut, and you dissociate themselves. I don't think you can hear Reverend Wright for ten minutes and not figure out that this guy is...

COULTER: And I don't think any of us have a friend who set a bomb off in the Pentagon, not even Alan.

SCHOEN: You know what? Barack Obama had a message that resonates on unifying the country. He has to make it clear what his values are and what his values aren't.

HANNITY: Ann made a funny line, but it's true. And she was kidding about Alan.

COLMES: Thanks for pointing that out.

HANNITY: How can you have an unrepentant friend who bombed the Pentagon, bombed the Capitol, bombed New York City police headquarters, be friendly, give speeches with him and sit on a board with him?

COULTER: And then want to be commander in chief. I could see him doing that, but don't run for commander in chief.

SCHOEN: You know what? At a certain point in time you have to say who you are, what you stand for. And look, it looks like he's going to be the nominee. He's not going to unilaterally disarm. He has to tell the truth as he knows it.

COULTER: Too late.

SCHOEN: If he does it, he has a chance. Maybe too late, but he's got to do it.

HANNITY: Say it again. Hillary is your girl. Say it, Ann.

COULTER: It's getting very hard with Bill Clinton out there.


COLMES: I knew you'd back off.

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