How to End Bad Breath Problems

Lifesaver, Sugar-Free Pepomint

For nearly nine decades, Lifesavers have been a top choice among mint fans. The popular "candy-with-the-hole" is now made sugar-free, so you can feel confident that your minty breath won't affect your waistline.

Price: $.75
Orbit Gum, Spearmint Flavor

Orbit gum's flavor will surpass even the most fervent chomper. Instead of your typical chewing gum that loses its flavor, Orbit's goes on and on! And, according to Orbit's manufacturer Wrigley, chewing gum won't only improve your oral health, but may help your diet and weight management! So, chew away bad breath … and the pounds!

Price: $1.19
Colgate MaxFresh

Packed with mini breath strips, this toothpaste is sure to keep your breath fresh past your morning cup of joe. Colgate promises to not only mask odor, but get to the source of bad breath — odor causing bacteria. To top it off, it's sugar-free and available in flavors peppermint, spearmint, cool mint, clean mint, cinnamint and kiss me mint. (You don't have to ask what my favorite is!)

Price: $2.99
Listerine Pocketpaks Breath Strips, Cool Mint

Breath strips are great for times when you can't brush your teeth — but Listerine breath strips go the extra mile by killing 99 percent of the germs that cause bad breath. The strips re-create the same feeling swooshing mouthwash does … without the mess!

Price: $3.99