Report: Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer Seen Holding Hands

Jennifer Aniston had lunch with John Mayer in a Miami restaurant that opened Friday afternoon just for them, and were later spotted holding hands after a lengthy dinner, People magazine reported.

Sitting across from each other in a booth at lunch, their heads were close together, and they were engaged in a private conversation, said Charles Bell, general manager of Michael's Genuine Food & Drink in the Miami Design District.

"I can't speculate on what kind of meeting it was but they looked happy and seemed to have a great time," he told People, adding that the couple shared dessert.

Later in the day, the two were seen at Casa Tua on South Beach.

With his arm around her, Mayer, 30, and Aniston, 39, left the restaurant just before 1 a.m. When they returned to her hotel, they were seen holding hands.

"We are very discreet here," the manager of Casa Tua told People after the two had departed. "That is why we have celebrity guests."

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