Japanese Woman Gets 15 Years for Killing, Dismembering Husband

A court sentenced a Japanese woman Monday to 15 years in prison for beating her husband to death with a wine bottle, chopping up his body with a saw and dumping his body parts around Tokyo, a court official said.

The Tokyo District Court handed down the verdict on Kaori Mihashi, 33, said the court official, who requested anonymity citing policy. Mihashi did not appeal to a higher court.

Mihashi's defense lawyers argued she could not be held criminally responsible because of insanity, but presiding judge Masaya Kawamoto rejected the argument citing her attempt to cover up the murder.

"Given that she was trying to cover up the crimes ... it is logical to conclude that she should be held criminally responsible," the judge told the court, according to public broadcaster NHK.

Mihashi bludgeoned her 30-year-old husband with a wine bottle at their apartment in 2006, and sawed the corpse into pieces. His head was found in a suburban park, while his torso was discovered in a garbage bag on a street in downtown Tokyo.

While the court found her guilty, the judge said Mihashi was under stress because of domestic violence.