Carnival Worker Falls More Than 40 Feet From Ride

A carnival worker was hospitalized after falling more than 40 feet from a ride.

DeKalb County Fire Department officials say the employee of the Gold Medal Shows at Plaza Fiesta on Buford Highway was trying to secure the Roll-o-Plane's two passengers Sunday when he noticed the ride's door was not properly closed.

Officials say the worker was trying to secure the door when the ride — a single, long, rotating arm with a passenger cabin at each end — suddenly started moving.

The man grabbed onto the door, still holding on as the ride spun around and lifted him into the air. He soon lost his grip and fell to the ground. The extent of his injuries was unclear, but Fire Department spokesman Eric Jackson said they were serious.

The ride was shut down, stranding the two teenage passengers in the air for about 20 minutes until rescue personnel arrived and got them down safely. Both were unhurt.

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