Florida Education Official Lectures Parents on Wasting Money on Alcohol, Cigarettes

A Florida school board member is drawing fire from some parents for saying they should spend money on school clothes for their children instead of buying alcohol and cigarettes.

School board member Jay Wheeler's comments were made in an e-mail response to parents’ complaints that they cannot afford the new uniforms mandated by the Osceola County School District, according to MyFOXOrlando.com.

"Everyone can afford Wal-Mart and if they can’t, they need to think about turning off their cable TV or stop buying alcohol or cigarettes and spend their money on their children," he wrote.

Parent Maria Quintana says Wheeler’s e-mail is insulting.

“I have a job and sometimes it's really hard. You have to struggle," Quintana told MyFOXOrlando.com. "And to have them say something like that is really degrading."

Wheeler stands by his comments, saying people should get serious about education and put their children first.

"I thought it might be a wake-up call and I think it's something people want to say but were afraid to,” he said.

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